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This podcast concludes our series on bovine respiratory disease. Dr. Melanie Barham is once again joined by Dr. Joanne Hewson and Dr. Jeff Caswell, and they discuss patterns of respiratory lesions, and clinical perspectives such as typical clinical presentation.

Dr. Melanie Barham continues her conversation about Bovine Respiratory Disease with Dr. Jeff Caswell and Dr. Joanne Hewson. They discuss the clinical and pathological examination of the upper respiratory tract, the heart, pulmonary arteries and lymph nodes, before focusing on the lungs.

Dr. Melanie Barham is joined by Dr. Jeff Caswell and Dr. Joanne Hewson to discuss clinical aspects of diagnosing bovine respiratory disease. They cover clinical scoring systems, lung auscultation, ultrasounds, other tests, and optimizing your odds of a successful diagnosis.


Dr. Melanie Barham sat down with  Dr. Bateman from the University of Guelph to discuss bovine respiratory disease and the beef industry. They talk about weaning calves, the beef industry structure, treatment of sick cattle, and much more. 


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