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September 13, 2017  

We are joined by Paul Kelly, research and apiary manager at the Honey Bee Research Centre at the University of Guelph, to discuss the work that goes on at the Honey Bee Research Centre. Mr. Kelly details the education side of the Centre, including outreach, tours, available courses, and public education. 

June 22, 2017  

Wael Haddad, Apiary Data Coordinator at OMAFRA and co-lead of the OAHN Bee Network, is joined by Mylee Nordin, coordinator and professor at the Commercial Beekeeping Program at Niagara College, to discuss how the beekeeping program was started, advantages of enrolling, and much more.

May 17, 2017  

We talk to Les Eccles, tech-transfer program lead with the Ontario Beekeepers' Association, about resources that are available to new and experienced beekeepers in Ontario. Les discusses the resources that are provided by the OBA and other associations, as well as how to figure out which online resources are reliable. Les also goes over the big issues affecting the industry.

February 28, 2017  

Wael Haddad, Apiary Data Coordinator at OMAFRA and co-lead of the OAHN Bee Network, talks to Drs. Amro Zayed PhD, Durda Slavic DVM, MSc, PhD, and Hugh Cai DVM, MVSc, MSc, DVSc to discuss current honey bee research being conducted in Ontario and newly available laboratory resources for beekeepers.

Dr. Amro Zayed, York Research Chair in Genomics and Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at York University, gives an overview of his lab's portfolio and how his work is addressing some of the issues facing Ontario beekeeping industry.

Dr. Durda Slavic, Veterinary Bacteriologist in charge of the Bacteriology Section at the Animal Health Laboratory in Guelph, discusses what her lab section does and how she got involved in honey bee testing.

Dr. Hugh Cai, Veterinary Microbiologist and Supervisor of the Honey Bee Testing Lab at the Animal Healh Laboratory in Guelph, explains what the Animal Health Laboratory is and what services are offered to beekeepers and the public.

**This is a short podcast  <14 minutes**

Today on the OAHN podcast, Dr. Melanie Barham sits down with OAHN Communications Assistant Michael Deane to discuss social media. They go over:

-the benefits of using social media for veterinarians,
-how it can actually save time and streamline the continuing education process,
-finding good news information to improve client interactions,
-finding reputable information during an outbreak,
-some important terms to know when using Twitter,
-how to use Twitter,
-resources available

Please find links below to other OAHN social media resources:
August 5, 2015  

We are joined by OAHN's Dr. Melanie Barham and the Animal Health Laboratory's Dr. Jennifer Zechel to discuss everything from bee physical exams to diseases of bees and the tests being developed at AHL to diagnose these diseases. As well, we address some honeybee myths and share a bunch of interesting facts. 


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