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We talk to Dr. Andy Brooks, a pathologist from the Animal Health Laboratory, about Salmonella dublin. Dr. Brooks discusses diagnosing, choosing tests for, and clinical hallmarks of Salmonella dublin from a pathologist's perspective.

We are joined by Mike Draper, the livestock community sales coordinator for OMAFRA's veterinary services unit, to discuss the veterinary services unit within OMAFRA, regulating livestock auction markets, Mr. Draper's role within OMAFRA's animal protection team, when veterinarians should contact him, and what equine veterinarians should know.  

Dr. Melanie Barham is joined by Sherry Taylor, Dr. Alexandra Reid and Erin Chesterfield from OMAFRA. They discuss the route that food and welfare issues take throughout OMAFRA, and highlight some important points for veterinarians.

Dr. Melanie Barham talks with Dr. Cindy McMann and Jacinta Cassidy from Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis about the signs of abuse that a veterinarian might notice when treating a family’s pets, and approaches that a veterinarian can employ to help when they become aware of .an abusive situation, whether with women, men, or children, and some of the relationship between animal abuse and abuse in relationships.


Dr. McMann also discusses a program they are developing that finds temporary emergency boarding and care for the animals of women that need to enter the domestic violence shelter. Many women in violent situations will delay or avoid leaving the situation due to not being able to find care for their pets






Crisis lines: 519-836-5710 or 1-800-265-7233


Dr. McMann's email if you want to learn more about the emergency boarding project

March 31, 2016  

Dr. Melanie Barham interviews Dr. Colleen Best, the post-doctoral fellow with the Advancement of Wellness and Resilience in Research and Education (AWARE) Group at the Ontario Veterinary College. They discuss the research Dr. Best is currently doing on veterinarian mental health, self care strategies for veterinarians and resources that veterinarians can access. 

Resources Mentioned in Podcast
Here 24/7 Mental Health Services - 1-844-437-3247

Dr. Melanie Barham sits down with Dr. Maureen Anderson, the Lead Veterinarian, Animal Health & Welfare at Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, to discuss the recent raccoon-variant rabies cases around Hamilton, Ontario, and the one fox-variant case found in Perth County. Dr. Anderson also discusses vaccination, the Rabies Response Program, and other resources for veterinarians and pet owners. 

To access OMAFRA's Rabies in Ontario site that is mentioned in the podcast, click here: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/ahw/rabies.htm

In this short podcast, Dr. Melanie Barham gives updates on what has been happening with the Ontario Animal Health Network over the past month. We aim to provide these short podcasts every month so you can follow OAHN's progress.

January 28, 2016  

Dr. Melanie Barham and Dr. Andy Vince discuss the highlights from OAHN's 2015, including updates on individual networks, information about veterinary and producer reports, research projects, social media and more. Find out more about OAHN, our quarterly surveys, signing up for the veterinarians-only side of OAHN.ca, and what OAHN has planned for the year ahead.

January 22, 2016  

In this podcast you will learn about swine influenza diagnostic tests that exist and recommendations for laboratory sample submissions.

**This is a short podcast  <14 minutes**

Today on the OAHN podcast, Dr. Melanie Barham sits down with OAHN Communications Assistant Michael Deane to discuss social media. They go over:

-the benefits of using social media for veterinarians,
-how it can actually save time and streamline the continuing education process,
-finding good news information to improve client interactions,
-finding reputable information during an outbreak,
-some important terms to know when using Twitter,
-how to use Twitter,
-resources available

Please find links below to other OAHN social media resources:

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