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November 9, 2016  

We are joined by Dr. Dave Douglas, OAHN Bovine Network member and owner of Navan Veterinary Services, to discuss the OAHN project on "Surveillance for bovine calfhood disease including Salmonella Dublin." Dr. Douglas discusses the details of the research project and how bovine producers can get involved.

October 26, 2016  

We talk to Dr. Andy Brooks, a pathologist from the Animal Health Laboratory, about Salmonella dublin. Dr. Brooks discusses diagnosing, choosing tests for, and clinical hallmarks of Salmonella dublin from a pathologist's perspective.

October 12, 2016  

We are joined by Dr. Luc Bergeron from RAIZO to discuss Salmonella dublin in Quebec. Dr. Bergeron shares the history of Salmonella dublin in Quebec and what RAIZO and the Province of Quebec has done to address this disease in bovine.

September 30, 2016  

We are joined by associate professor from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Jessica Gordon, to discuss the clinical aspects of Salmonella dublin. Dr. Gordon goes over how it is spread, prevention, clinical signs, and treatment. 


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