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July 15, 2021  

The OAHN bovine quarterly podcast report gives a quick update on laboratory data from Q1, an overview on risk of lead toxicosis in cattle, and a global surveillance update focusing on Lumpy Skin Disease.  For more information, veterinarians can login to access full quarterly reports at www.oahn.ca.

April 15, 2021  

Dr. Cynthia Miltenburg of the OAHN Bovine network speaks with Dr. Jessica Gordon, a veterinarian and assistant professor in Ruminant Health Management at the Ontario Veterinary College, regarding a recent surveillance project on gastrointestinal parasites in cattle including management and how to help avoid increasing resistance issues. For more information on the project, veterinarians can login to www.oahn.ca

April 15, 2021  

The OAHN bovine quarterly podcast report gives a quick update on laboratory data from Q4, a wrap-up of Salmonella Dublin cases in Ontario in 2020, and a global surveillance update focusing on bovine tuberculosis.  For more information, veterinarians can login to access full quarterly reports at www.oahn.ca:

March 28, 2018  

We are joined by Dr. Maureen Anderson from OMAFRA and the OAHN Companion Animal network, who discusses the current status of rabies in Ontario. Dr. Anderson outlines current risks, how rabies is transmitted, and what you can do as a pet owner or vet if you think a pet has come in contact with a rabid animal. As well, Dr. Anderson explains where you can go for further resources about rabies in Ontario.

To access the OMAFRA rabies resource page, click here: http://www.omafra.gov.on.ca/english/food/inspection/ahw/rabies.htm

Veterinarians can contact an OMAFRA veterinarian for assistance with the risk assessment, if needed, by calling the Agriculture Information Contact Centre (AICC) at 1-877-424-1300.

February 8, 2017  

We are joined by Alex Heim, the Premises Information Management Coordinator within the Food Safety and Traceability Branch at OMAFRA, to discuss the Provincial Premises Registry (PPR). We discuss what the PPR is, why it was developed, how it fits into the national plan, how you can register your premises, and much more.

To get more information or register your premises, you can visit https://www.ontarioppr.com, call 1-855-697-7743 (MY PPR ID), or contact Alex at Alexander.Heim@ontario.ca.

November 9, 2016  

We are joined by Dr. Dave Douglas, OAHN Bovine Network member and owner of Navan Veterinary Services, to discuss the OAHN project on "Surveillance for bovine calfhood disease including Salmonella Dublin." Dr. Douglas discusses the details of the research project and how bovine producers can get involved.

October 26, 2016  

We talk to Dr. Andy Brooks, a pathologist from the Animal Health Laboratory, about Salmonella dublin. Dr. Brooks discusses diagnosing, choosing tests for, and clinical hallmarks of Salmonella dublin from a pathologist's perspective.

October 12, 2016  

We are joined by Dr. Luc Bergeron from RAIZO to discuss Salmonella dublin in Quebec. Dr. Bergeron shares the history of Salmonella dublin in Quebec and what RAIZO and the Province of Quebec has done to address this disease in bovine.

September 30, 2016  

We are joined by associate professor from the Ontario Veterinary College, Dr. Jessica Gordon, to discuss the clinical aspects of Salmonella dublin. Dr. Gordon goes over how it is spread, prevention, clinical signs, and treatment. 

June 15, 2016  

Dr. Melanie Barham is joined by Mike Draper the livestock community sales coordinator for OMAFRA's veterinary services unit. They discuss Mr. Draper's role within OMAFRA's animal protection team and what veterinarians should know. 

Mike Draper's phone # is 519-537-2032, if you need to contact him.

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